Recalling the cottage-core trend that charmed us through social media last year, it’s time to acquaint yourself with the novel Bloomcore trend for garden and home aesthetics. Whether it’s a vibrant touch you desire for your garden, living spaces, bedrooms, or even bathrooms, Bloomcore effortlessly brings the outdoors inside, regardless of the season.

Enthusiasts of interior design are now fashioning homes that distinctly mirror their individuality, and ‘bloomcore’ wonderfully captures this spirit. This trend offers you the flexibility to either lightly embrace it with a couple of modest decor items or fully dive in for a comprehensive transformation, all aligned with your desired ambiance.

Here are five methods to infuse the natural world’s essence into virtually every nook of your living space:

1. Soft furnishings and accents

To seamlessly introduce bloomcore into your living environment, begin with plush furnishings and decorative pieces. Opt for delicate and whimsical floral patterns showcasing wildflower motifs and artistic strokes, rather than larger and modern designs, for that authentic vintage touch.

2. Statement wallpapers

Bloomcore trend in your home


For an instantaneous metamorphosis that embraces the bloomcore vibe, consider fashioning a floral-themed feature wall using patterned wallpapers. This approach instantly rejuvenates your space while making a bold declaration of style.

3. Nature-inspired prints

Bloomcore trend in your home 4 (1)


Beyond flowers, explore a variety of nature-inspired prints to infuse the charm of idyllic countryside imagery. From wild strawberries and leaves to fruit-bearing trees and bee motifs, a diverse array of elements can contribute. However, prioritize realistic, untamed patterns over repetitive graphics to capture the genuine bloomcore aesthetic.

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4. Bloomcore colour palette

If prints and florals aren’t your preference, you can still capture the bloomcore essence through color choices. Opt for a palette reminiscent of wildflowers and open fields, featuring hues like pastel sky blue, gentle leafy green, cheerful buttercup yellow, and calming lavender purple, along with other delicate shades evocative of fresh blooms.

5. Real or dried bouquets

Bloomcore bouquet (1)


Incorporating floral elements throughout your home becomes remarkably simple with floral bouquets. Notably, the charming elderflower stands as a quintessential bloomcore choice, found along British hedgerows. Crafting a bouquet should take inspiration from this delicate flower.

For those seeking low-maintenance alternatives, dried or artificial flowers are equally fitting. Elevate this trend by housing your blooms in vases adorned with floral patterns or designs, extending the bloomcore spirit to the very vessels that showcase these blossoms.



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