Now you may have heard and seen the term cottagecore on social media a while back and it was all the rage! Cottagecore was all about cosiness, rural settings, shabby chic design, and traditional cottage gardens.

In the world of gardening, trends come and go, but there’s a rising trend, similar to cottagecore, that seems to have found a perfect blend of contemporary aesthetics and enduring natural beauty – Bloomcore. A fusion of “bloom” and “aesthetic,” Bloomcore celebrates the harmonious relationship between plants and design, resulting in gardens that are both trendy and timeless. 

Where nature and aesthetics meet

At its core, Bloomcore emphasises the visual appeal of blossoms, leaves, and foliage, curated in a way that resonates with modern design sensibilities. Bloomcore is one of many trending aesthetics that has arisen on social media sites like TikTok, and specifically with Gen Z. These aesthetics are numerous and sometimes niche. They often include very specific elements and can refer to overall style, fashion, or home and garden design.

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This trend encourages an artistic approach to gardening, where each plant is chosen not only for its beauty but also for its ability to complement the overall visual composition of the garden.

Creating your bloomcore garden

Bloomcore is all about flowers. It embraces the colourful flowers in gardens and all the different kinds of blooms. It’s like bringing the feeling of an English garden to both outdoor spaces and inside homes. Imagine cute English villages with roses climbing on fences, small gardens full of flowers, trees with fruit, tasty strawberries, wildflowers, and even rooms with flower-patterned wallpapers and fabrics. This trend celebrates gardening and calm, slow afternoons spent outside.

@alltheprettythingsco How to create an English garden: plant a large variety of flowers that bloom throughout the season, mix and match colors, plant closely for that seemless blend of florals. Add in those big architectural pieces that give height, character, and whimsy. Some of my favorite flowers you’ll see are: supertunias, salvia, yarrow, hydrangeas, Russian safe, delphinium, wisteria, clematis, knockout roses, weigela, coreopsis, hostas, sedum, baptisia, and Veronica’s! Let me know if you want more info on my garden care routine, planting, or plant specific info! #englishgarden #englishgardens #provenwinners #oasis #secretgarden #gardening #plantsoftiktok #flowers #fyp #alltheprettythingsco #flower #flowersoftiktok #flowersofinstagram #instaworthy ♬ original sound

To create a trendy but timeless bloomcore garden in your backyard, here are some tips to follow: 

Choose your colour palette: Opt for a harmonious colour palette that resonates with your personal style and surroundings. Soft pastels, vibrant jewel tones, or even a monochromatic scheme can all contribute to the Bloomcore vibe.

Select key plants: Consider plants with captivating blooms and interesting foliage. Classic choices include roses, peonies, dahlias, and hydrangeas. But don’t be afraid to mix in unique finds like proteas or celosias for a modern twist.

Grow a wildflower meadow: Native wildflowers are the epitome of the bloomcore trend, which embraces nature. Naturalise an area of your garden and sow native wildflower seeds to create a pretty meadow.

wild flower meadow (1)

Photo: Pexels

Create focal points: Designate focal points in your garden with statement plants or elegant sculptures. These points of interest draw the eye and add structure to the overall design.

Create a cosy outdoor sitting area: “Cores” are not just about a look. They are a way of life, and a big part of the bloomcore trend is spending time outside among the flowers. To nail this aspect of the aesthetic in your garden, create a comfortable space for enjoying it. Include cushy seating, somewhere to rest your feet, and plenty of soft pillows and throws.

Consider layout: Arrange your plants in a way that’s both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Group plants with similar watering needs together and vary the heights to create a layered effect.

Balance hardscape and softscape: Integrate hardscape elements like paths, benches, or trellises to provide structure and contrast against the lush plantings.

Embrace sustainability: Incorporate native plants and eco-friendly practices to enhance the ecological balance of your garden. This not only benefits the environment but also adds depth to your Bloomcore garden story.

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The Bloomcore flower list

Picking the right flowers is super important to achieve the bloomcore style. While any flowers can work, here are some of the best choices for nailing that perfect look:

Roses: With their lovely scent, vibrant colours, and romantic feel, you can’t go wrong with having lots of roses in this style.

Peonies: These big, romantic blooms are perfect for filling in spaces in flower beds, creating that charming cottage garden vibe.

Daisies: People who started the bloomcore trend really like small white flowers. Daisies are just right for this look.

Strawberries: Another white flower, strawberries also give you delicious fruits, which are a symbol of the trend.

Hollyhock: This flower is a classic for cottage gardens. It grows big, bright blooms that stand tall over other plants.

Wisteria: Any climbing plant is awesome for a bloomcore garden. Wisteria has abundant, romantic flowers. You can train its strong vines over a pergola or arbour to make a cosy sitting spot.

Sweet Pea: Add these delicate but plentiful blooms for their soft colours and sweet scent.


And remember, don’t leave out the native plants. Bloomcore is all about flowers, but it’s also about nature. What’s more natural than the flowers native to your area?



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Feature image: Pexels