If you’re not too sure what exactly the cottagecore decor trend is, we’re here to break it down for you.

If you know a bit about the farmhouse trends that were sweeping the decor world in recent years, you’ve got a good base to understanding the cottagecore trend. The trend was sparked when people started posting their romanticised visions of country living to their social media accounts. Feeds were filled with ‘dreamy, cosy design aesthetics’ highlighting ‘vintage, floral design elements’ along with ‘teapots, vintage chandeliers and outdoor claw-foot tubs!. According to social media influencer Jessica Her, the trend is best described as ‘an aesthetic that is very inspired by a sense of nostalgia for a rural countryside life’, which is something that you could easily recreate in your own space.

What is cottagecore?

Comfort is key

If cottagecore had to be described as a feeling, it would be cosy and comfortable. Think warm, inviting couches, cosy beds that you can sink into, loads and loads of blankets, and enjoying your favourite beverage in front of a blazing fire.

Be unique

Don’t be afraid of finding pieces that are uniquely crafted in order to decorate your space. Better yet, get crafting yourself so that the item is undeniably you. Add a coat of paint to a piece of furniture that you found at a market over the weekend, or add a piece of fabric to complete a piece that lends itself to the vibe you’re going for. ‘Handcrafted ceramics, rough plaster and statement hand-painted pieces’ will all add to the cottagecore look and feel of your space and are easily available from a number of local artisans, many of whom can be found on various social
media platforms.

Get thrifty

Local thrift stores are packed to the brim with treasures that will help bring your cottagecore dreams to life. Think vases, picture frames, furniture, art and crockery.


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If you have it, flaunt it

Embrace the features that your home may already have. Any exposed beams on the ceilings and bricks on the walls? Show them off! These kinds of elements add an extra bit of flair to your space and will help you create a space that is very you while sticking to the trend that you love and want to showcase.

Go natural

The cottagecore trend calls for the use of natural elements. This could be introduced in the types of materials that you use such as wood, stone, linen or wool, or even a simple herb box with fresh herbs on the windowsill of your kitchen.

Layer up

Speaking of materials, don’t restrict yourself to only one type of fabric in a room, as layering is very important to successfully pulling off this trend. Also, don’t limit yourself to adding textures and layers to your bed or sofa only. Wall hangings, rugs and even lampshades are all fair game when creating the cosy feel that this look requires.

Head outside

You best get your hands stuck into some potting soil if you’re serious about pulling off this trend. Wildflowers and herbs such as rosemary and lavender are great to grow to start off with. Don’t worry, you don’t need loads of space, a simple planter box will do nicely to add that final touch of whimsy to your space. Whatever you decide to do when it comes to this trend, be sure that the space you create allows you to be creative, to be yourself, and to be uniquely you.



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