Tiny homes have the potential to be far more sustainable than larger free-standing homes.

Minimalism is key in sustainability in contrast to our big city lives.

A tiny home is easier to maintain, especially mobile homes built with the purpose of living off the grid. Mobile homes offer an opportunity to be in touch with nature.

There is no reason not to embrace the elements of nature in a city abode.

Embracing Tiny Home Living

If you have ever rented an apartment in Cape Town, you will be able to relate to the concept of tiny homes.

Largely popular in North America, the idea of a tiny house has more to do with living and communing with nature right outside your front door. How, you ask? Well, moveable homes built from buses and large vehicles have had an upsurge in the past few years.

Their popularity has even led to a show dedicated to tiny homes on TLC. 

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Whether your tiny home is on wheels or not, the concept is the same. Living as minimally as possible and finding comfort in a small space. 

A tiny home can be an apartment you’ve leased for an exorbitant amount (shout-out Cape Town) and this is usually due to the expensive rates notorious with big city living.

There are a few ways to introduce interior decor which will not overcrowd your space but instead, complement its tiny features.

In the Bathroom

The bathroom has to be the most important feature in terms of space. You need to be able to embrace a tiny bathroom by incorporating using storage hacks that will make the bathroom feel bigger. 


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The Kitchen

The kitchen is also another important spatial feature in tiny house living. Making use of the cabinet space available instantly makes your kitchen feel bigger.

Your Lounge

If you are lucky enough to have lounge space, use this wisely by employing minimalist furniture that won’t over-crowd the space. A simple sofa and coffee table should do the trick.

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More Art

Just because you have a tiny space does not mean you should compromise on this feature in your home. Statement art pieces are welcomed additions to any space, and a tiny home is no different. Consider wall art for your lounge or bedroom.

Lively Houseplants

Houseplants can really alter the mood of space at first glance. Plants will thrive anywhere where there is enough water and sunlight. Do not be discouraged by the lack of space, as plants will add that much-needed outdoorsy feeling to your home.

City living has evolved allowing us to embrace the idea of micro-gardening and indoor plants that add a touch of nature. 

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