If you are unfortunate enough to live in an apartment, especially in Cape Town, chances are you might feel stifled by having a small bathroom.

You have a need for space but there is just not much for you to work with. Well, we are here to offer you some nifty solutions.

Here are our top five bathroom storage hacks to try in your home. Some little tricks to help you maximise your tiny bathroom space. 

1. Hooks

Installing adhesive hooks for hanging towels and bathroom tools can help declutter your bathroom space. It helps keep them out of the way and neatly organised, leaving your cupboard space from being too packed.

bathroom storage

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2. Vertical space

A towel rack is a great way to maximise on having a tiny bathroom. You can hang extra towels to dry and utilise the space for other smaller bathroom essentials such as your scrubber and soap bar.

3. Baskets

Hanging or simply placing baskets creates excellent storage space in a small bathroom. Use this space for toiletries and cleaning supplies which would otherwise be cramped and disorganised in your already tiny cupboard space. Use your sink or floor space to house baskets for your make-up or skincare products.

bathroom storage hacks

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4. Cabinets and shelves

Introduce shelves in your cabinets for more storage space for your bathroom essentials. Shelves are a great space saver and can be used to house your miniature indoor plants, if you like a bit of green in your home. 

small bathroom storage hacks

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5. Double duty mirror

Another great way to find storage is by purchasing a mirror which doubles as a storage cabinet. The mirror simply exists but once you open the panel, reveals extra space to store your bathroom necessaries. It’s a clever trick and an effortless way to maximise a small bathroom.

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Featured image: Pexels