This ornamental garden plant can grow in most climate regions. The juniper plant has been used as a shrub to create privacy in homeowners’ yards. Here is how you can grow and care for your juniper shrub.

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How to grow the juniper shrub

With shapes ranging from ground-hugging juniper bushes to towering juniper shrub trees. There are many variations to these shrubs, you need to choose one that suits the landscape of your garden or yard. Whether you want to cover a slope for erosion control or create a privacy hedge, there’s one that will fit well.

When planting a juniper shrub, choose a sunny area with well-draining soil. Although it may tolerate most soil types, organically rich soil is the winner as juniper roots cannot stand root rot. Plant during milder months of spring or early autumn.

Be sure to avoid heat or cold stress on the shrub. Something to be wary of when planting the juniper, space out the plant to allow good air circulation making your juniper less susceptible to fungal diseases. Diseases associated with overly wet soil will hinder shrub growth. Once your juniper shrub has been well established it needs little to no water.

Gardener planting juniper plants in the yard. Seasonal works in the garden.

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Care tips for your juniper shrub

Once established, these low-maintenance plants do not require watering or feeding. However, some pruning and pest control would be ideal. Although carefree when planted in the right conditions and receiving an adequate amount of water, your plant may be susceptible to a few pests.

Regular checks are important. The juniper can host a range of specialist insects, like aphids, which should not cause significant problems unless infestations are heavy. Many insects can serve as a food source for birds, attracting wildlife to your garden.

When it comes to pruning, the shrub requires little to no pruning to retain its natural form. You can remove dead branches, trim back growth, and lightly shape the shrub if necessary. Regular pruning may be necessary to maintain its compact and healthy shape.

Man gardener in protective clothes pruning his juniper shrub hedges

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Choosing the right type of juniper for your yard is the first step in growing these hardy shrubs. It’s important to determine which variety will thrive on your property.


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