These super-high temperatures are tough on everyone, especially your houseplants!

But, with these 5 tips to protect your houseplants from the heat wave, you’ll save your plants from shrivelling up.

1. Keep up your watering routine

5 tips to protect your houseplants from the heat wave.

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Just like us, your plants need to stay hydrated during summer. The heat increases evaporation and dries out the soil a lot faster than you realise. Be sure to check the first few centimetres of your plants’ soil to make sure they’re not staying dry for too long.

When you do water, you should either water first thing in the morning or the evening. This prevents excess evaporation. You should also avoid getting water on the leaves, or else you run the risk of scorching the leaves with the reflective water droplets.

2. Move them out of the sun

Most houseplants need plenty of indirect sunlight during the day to thrive. But, during a heatwave, they would greatly appreciate some time out of the light. You should move your plants to a shadier spot during the hottest parts of the day.

When moving your plants, be sure to keep your plants away from heat-absorbing surfaces like concrete or metal.

3. Keep fans away

While it might be tempting to place a fan close to your plants to keep the air moving, don’t. Plant parents know that drafts, of any temperature are a big no, as they can damage the leaves and dry out the soil and the surrounding air more quickly.

4. Mist your plants

Yes, I know, misting for humidity is a myth. And if you didn’t know that, yes, misting doesn’t raise the humidity levels by much. But, during a heatwave, it could help. You could also dampen the wall behind your plants (just as you might with your garden plants) to keep the humidity up, but the surrounding air slightly cooler.

5. Keep a close eye on them

Lastly, don’t forget to show your plants some tender loving care. Spend time with them, check for signs of distress, and trim off any crispy, sunburnt leaves. They’ll appreciate the extra attention during these hot times!


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Originally published in Woman&Home Magazine.