A plant is a wonderful addition to a desk otherwise full of paperwork, stationary, and otherwise boring objects. They boost your mood and might help you maintain sanity throughout the workday. However, offices with little to no natural light are a tough environment for indoor plants. Here are some plants for the office that can help you and itself to thrive at work.

Peace lily

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The peace lily is a well-loved indoor plant because it’s beautiful but low maintenance. According to feng shui, this is the best plant for the workplace because it transforms negative energy into positive energy. If you try it, let us know if you think it improved your workplace vibes!

Cast iron plant

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It’s not an exaggeration to say that killing this plant is very difficult. The name comes from its characteristic sturdiness and resilience. It’s big, leafy and great to fill up corners with a splash of life.

Snake plant

plants for the office

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Snake plants are extremely resilient. They do well in low light and prefer to be dry. The less light, the less the plant needs to be watered, and the slower it grows. Like all indoor plants, snake plants are always a great addition to decor – even the office deserves good design choices, considering how long you spend at it.

Ponytail palm

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Fun fact: ponytail palms are known to live for over 100 years and can likely outlive you. If that’s not a testament to their hardiness, what is? They are content with low to medium light, although they are used to hotter, sunnier climates – they’re not really a palm, but succulent.

Chinese evergreen

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The Chinese Evergreen prefers indirect or low light and warmer temperatures. However, it can do just fine across a range of temperatures. It’s toxic to people and pets, so it should never be ingested. If you have one within reach of kids or pets, perhaps relocating it to the safety of the office is a solution, too.


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This is another plant that likes to let its soil dry out between watering. It can do well in low light and is associated with luck, positive energy and even money. Sounds like the perfect plant to have on hand in the workplace!


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