It is an easy way to add visual and architectural appeal to your home. Having sculptural plants as part of your houseplants is a visually intriguing statement you can have to perfect your home’s appeal.

Here are 4 sculptural plants to consider for your home.

1. Dracaena

The dracaena is a trendy choice for the home because it is easy to maintain and will withstand a reasonable amount of neglect. It has a tall and narrow growth habit and only takes up a little space.

Its palm-like leaves and interesting form make for a very attractive and elegant big houseplant for your living room. Dracaenas are excellent air fresheners that remove toxins from the home, making them the perfect plants for freshness in your home.

Houseplant dracaena in a white pot on a light grey background.

Image Credit: Unsplash

2. Kentia Palm (Howea forsteriana)

Also known as the Howea Forsteriana, it is a fussy-free plant. Thanks to its low-maintenance nature, it is one of the go-to plants to add to homes. Kentia palm plants can thrive in any room you place them in, but proper placement is key. The plant can grow in indirect and filtered artificial lighting.

Kentia Palm houseplant potted on white background

Image Credit: Unsplash

3. Philodendron Congo Rojo

Although its name might be challenging to pronounce, the congo Rojo plant provides a tropical feeling to your indoor space. With its large glossy leaves and striking deep green, it is the perfect plant to bring warmth to your space. Its sprawling structure will make your home inviting and cosy.

Photo of Philodendron 'Rojo Congo' plant

Image Credit: Pexels

4. Tree Philodendron

This easy-to-grow tropical plant with showy leaves can take high or lower light, making it a good houseplant for new houseplant owners. The plant grows well with constant watering as it does not tolerate dry/ droughty soil.

Be careful when watering, as the tree philodendron is susceptible to root rot in overly wet soil. Give your plant time for the water to drain correctly before watering it again. Once a week, watering is acceptable for the healthy growth of your philodendron plant.

Philodendron tree in pot on wooden table

Image Credit: Unsplash

If you like big statement plants, then these four will surely be a great addition to your home.


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