Terrace gardening is a popular option for people living in urban areas or those who have limited outdoor space. With terraces, everyone can enjoy their little gardens at the comfort of their balcony.

What is terrace gardening?

Terrace gardening involves growing plants in raised beds or containers in outdoor urban spaces such as rooftops or balconies. Depending on the available space, terrace gardens can vary in size and can be used to grow a variety of plants.

In a terrace garden, the raised beds are filled with soil and fertilized to aid the growing process. Many people with terrace gardens use handheld watering cans to water their plants. Terrace gardens can be decorative elements to bring life to your outdoor balconies.

Like everything else, there are cons & pros to owning terrace gardens

urban gardening: woman watering plants on rooftop terrace garden with skyline

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Advantages and disadvantages of terrace gardens

Depending on the specific context and individual circumstances, the advantages and disadvantages may not be the same. Here are the main potential pros and cons.


  • They save space

Terrace gardens are a great way to maximize small outdoor spaces in urban areas with rooftop or balcony access.

  • Can improve air quality in your space

Plants can sometimes help to purify the air and improve air quality, which is needed in urban areas where air pollution is common.

  • Improved mental health

Starting a terrace garden can help elevate your mood. Gardening can help with mental health benefits and help reduce stress. Your terrace garden can be an enjoyable space to relax.


  • Limited sunlight

Depending on the location of your terrace, it may receive limited light which can hinder the growth of your plants.

  • They can be expensive

Creating a terrace garden can be costly as it involves buying containers, soil, and plants, and making structural modifications. These expenses might be a barrier for those interested in starting their gardens.

  • Time-consuming

Your terrace gardens can require regular watering and maintenance. This can be time-consuming and labour-intensive for busy individuals.

Vegetables planted on a terrace vertical garden in balcony

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Owning a terrace garden can be a wonderful habit and if you put in the right amount of effort and dedication your garden can thrive.


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