When adding a new houseplant to your collection, aesthetics is not the only thing to consider. For those who have pets that live indoors, safety should also be top priority. Curious paws can quickly topple houseplants that become an unexpected snack, often resulting in an unwanted trip to the vet. Luckily, there are several stunning houseplants that won’t do any harm to your pup with a nibble here and there.


Spider Plant

The strappy, arching leaves of this 70s houseplant staple look wonderful in hanging baskets, where they can conveniently be kept away from pets. However, as they are completely dog-safe, you won’t have any trouble keeping them in pots on your coffee table or shelf either where their beauty can truly shine.

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Cast Iron Plant

Named for its ease of care, the cast iron plant is considered almost impossible to kill. The large and glossy leaves, despite their similarity to other toxic houseplants, are also safe for both dogs and cats. Make sure to dust off the foliage every few weeks to keep them looking their best.

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If you’re looking for variety in shape and colour, try the Peperomia genus. Commonly known as radiator plants, there are tons of different types to choose from, each with interesting colours and textures in the leaves. Plus, they can be placed anywhere without worry for any of your pets.

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African Violets

One of the most widely respected houseplants spawning appreciation societies around the world, African violets are a must-have blooming indoor plant. Their flowers are obviously the main attraction, but their fuzzy gray leaves also provide interest even when the plant is not in flower. These plants are also pet-safe, although you’re unlikely to find any dogs chewing on the fluffy foliage anyway.

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