The spurflowers are one of the most rewarding and versatile families of perennial plants and range from low-growing groundcovers varieties to showy tall specimens which are wonderful in mass displays. They all grow happily in every part of the country except the very hot and dry areas as spurflowers do prefer a little shade and moderate water.

Plectranthus are noted for their aromatic leaves when crushed or even brushed against, and the variety of aromas is diverse. They occur in a range of colours from white to purples, lilacs and pinks, with some of the hybrids with blue flowers. March is a good month to plant Spurflowers as they benefit from the slightly lower temperatures and rain in the winter rainfall areas.

Plectranthus are easy to grow and don’t ask for much other than well-draining, loamy soil, moderate water and afternoon shade. They enjoy a cooler position, preferably under trees so are ideal for those shady corners that are sometimes difficult to fill. They are reasonably drought-resistant as they are able to store water in their stems but do flower better if they are receiving adequate water. Plectranthus are also grown for their interesting foliage such as Plectranthus madagascariensis with its attractive cream and bright green leaves which makes a robust groundcover. Others are popular for their beautiful blue and mauve flowers, such as Plectranthus fruticosus. With such a wide range, there is a spurflower out there for you.

Written by Pat Ingarfield

Featured image: Living4Media