If you need a little retail therapy, now is the time to visit your local nursery.

South Africa is a gardener’s paradise when it comes to indigenous bulbs, so go shopping until you drop in March for veld beauties such as Ixias, Babianas, Freesias, Tritonias and Chincherinchees. Wait until temperatures cool down a bit before planting them out. 

Late summer is often bargain time at garden centres that are trying to clear out their summer stock. Look for deals on shrubs and trees, which can be pricier. Seek out bargains on containers and garden art at the same time, as the garden centres often have wide-ranging sales in autumn. 

While you are shopping for beautiful things, try a find Gloriosa superba, or Flame Lily, a striking indigenous climber with beautiful red and yellow flame-like flowers in summer. The Flame Lily grows from a tuberous root and can be difficult to find but the bulb producers (like Hadeco) do sometimes sell them and you will find them in the garden centres. The tuberous root is planted in March, when it is dormant, and then flowers prolifically all spring and summer until autumn.

Written by Pat Ingarfield

Featured image: Rikonavt via Unsplash