Flowers are a cheerful, colourful addition to any garden. Unfortunately, for an inexperienced gardener flowers can often seem difficult to grow and look after due to their delicate nature. While it is true that some flowers are more temperamental, there are many that even novice gardeners can grow with ease. Read on for some of the easiest flowers that you can grow in a South African climate.



Rebecca Niver on Unsplash

These flowers can withstand both hot and cold weather, and blooms for the majority of the year.


zinnia flower

Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

This is a flower that can be planted in late spring/early summer and will still grow and thrive. As such, it is a perfect option is you’re wondering what to plant right now!



Timo C. Dinger on Unsplash

Another hardy plant, dahlia can handle just about any climate or soil and does not need regular watering.



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These flowers don’t need to be pruned in order to grow well, and can withstand heat and cold.



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Snapdragons can withstand harsh weather, and have the added bonus of attracting butterflies to your garden!


cosmos flowers

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These pretty flowers are similar to daisies but a bit more resilient. They will grow in full sun or shade, are not fussy about soil and can tolerate low amounts of water.

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