Keeping your home clean and tidy can often feel like a massive chore that you just cannot ignore, especially considering the fact that you need to spend hundreds of Rands on the many detergents and cleaning appliances you see in the store aisles.

But, did you know that you can save time, money and energy using simple household items found in your cupboards?

Here are some easy methods you can try at home:

Use rubber gloves to remove stubborn pet hairs

Man’s best friends can quickly turn into a foe when it comes to pet hairs sticking to your furniture.

To remove the hair, simply wear household rubber gloves and run them over your furniture. The fur will gather in a ball, making it easy to throw away.

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Remove drink stains with sparkling water

We have all at some point in our lives accidentally spilt our red wine, juice or cooldrink onto our furniture. Then, worrying about how we will get the stain out. Worry no more because all you need is sparkling water.

Start the cleaning process by spritzing the stain with sparkling water. Then, blot the liquid with a microfibre cloth. Do this until the stain vanishes.

Use your old socks to clean blinds

Blinds can gather a lot of dust when left unattended. It can also be difficult to get spotless using a feather duster. So, how about using those old socks you thought of throwing out?

Simply put the sock on your hand and spritz it with water. Next, starting at one end, grip each blind panel and slide your hand across until you reach the other end. Voila!

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The following hacks are provided by Kitchen.

Put essential oil-soaked cotton wool in your smelly bin

Nobody likes a stinky bin. Period. Make your living area a little less smelly by simply putting essential oil-soaked cotton wool balls inside your bin.

Drop the soaked cotton balls in your bin, placing them underneath the plastic bag. You will soon have a pleasant odour emanating from your bin.

As simple as that.

Remove unwanted drain odours with baking soda and lemon juice

The thought of cleaning your dishes above your kitchen sink’s smelly drain can be quite off-putting. Remove that smell by simply using baking soda and lemon juice.

Start by flushing your drain with hot water. The next step is to slowly pour a cup of baking soda down. Finally, throw down about a cup of lemon juice. Expect a fizzy chemical reaction.

Polish your stainless steel sink with flour

To achieve a spotless sink that is sure to gleam in the light, all you need is flour!

First, wash and dry your sink. Next, sprinkle some flour on the surface and start buffing. Once you are done, you will see the blinking results.



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Article originally written and published by Jade Rhode for BONA.