Although it may still be warm outside in most parts of South Africa, March signals the start of a change in seasons. Prepare your home for autumn with these 13 ideas, from simple adjustments using your existing decor to bigger styling changes and purchases.

Add cosy cushions and blankets

One of the greatest joys of the cooler months is snuggling up with a warm blanket and a soft pillow. Start dusting off blankets from your cupboard and old cushion covers to decorate with to add that warm and cosy feeling.

Try layering with textures

Once you’ve got your soft furnishings out and ready, you’ll need to style them. That’s where layering comes in. Combining and layering different textures in a thoughtful way is one of the keys to successful autumn design. You can find our guide to layering here.

Use paint to warm a space

Matt Wildbore via Unsplash

For a more extreme change, bring out your paintbrushes and pick a wall to paint with warm autumn colours. Although many are scared to use paint in their homes, it can make an impressive visual difference without changing up any of your other decor. For renters who can’t paint on a whim, try temporary wall coverings instead.

Light your candles

South Africans are well-accustomed to regular candle lighting. But this tip relates more to the use of candles for ambience over necessity. Flickering candles are the perfect complement to cool evenings, especially if you don’t have a fireplace in your home.

Create autumn-inspired bouquets from the garden

Cooler temperatures don’t mean work in the garden stops. To bring some greenery indoors and brighten darker spaces, curate bouquets from the gardens, focusing on leafy motifs and soft textured grasses to match the autumn season.

Thrift wood furniture

Julian Hochgesang via Unsplash

Wood furniture is a great complement to warm autumn colours and brings a touch of the outdoors inside. New wood furniture can be pricey, so look through your local second-hand stores for bargains that you can refresh with a few touch-ups.

Invest in quality rugs

There is nothing worse than walking barefoot on a cold floor over autumn and winter. While socks are certainly an option, a great way to warm up your floors and the room as a whole is rugs. Choose high-quality rugs in warm colours to instantly bring a seasonal room together.

Dry your garden blooms

As we transition from summer to autumn, many of our beloved garden flowers begin to fade. If you want to extend their beauty, dry the flowers to bring indoors as autumn decoration. Hand upside down away from direct sun to preserve their colour or allow the colours to fade in the light for a rustic autumn look.

Install a fire pit

Roya Ann Miller via Unsplash

There is something undeniably captivating about a crackling fire, especially when the temperatures drop. Installing a fire pit outdoors can be a costly project, but it is a great way to ensure you can enjoy your garden year-round – not just in the warmer months.

Plant autumn containers for your patio

To use any pent-up garden creativity you may have at the end of summer, look to containers. Patios or balconies also benefit from an autumn touch-up from the garden. Look for container-friendly ornamental grasses and foliage plants with warm colours, planting in colourful pots to round off the design.

Switch to warm bulbs

Aurelien Lemasson Theobald via Unsplash

As we begin to switch on our lights earlier in the day, you’ll see how much lighting impacts the perception of your space. For those who prefer cool temperature bulbs, this can make an already cold home feel even more chilly. Switch to warm bulbs for autumn and winter to combat the chill.

Embrace curves

Shape is something often overlooked, despite its importance in interior design. Rigid structural shapes have a modern feel, but tend to feel cold and impersonal – not a great match for autumn. If this seasonal change happens to coincide with a new furniture purchase this year, look for softer curved furniture for a cosy feeling.

Keep it simple

You don’t need to completely ditch your old decor and make a million new purchases to prefer for autumn. With a few adjustments to what you already have, you can curate an autumnal space that still speaks to your personal design style, without breaking the bank.

Featured image: Sixteen Miles Out via Unsplash