As the crisp breeze of autumn gets closer to setting in, it’s tempting to stay indoors and neglect your garden. But before you bid farewell to your garden, take a moment to ensure it’s ready for the seasonal transition. Follow this easy checklist to guarantee a flourishing garden come spring.

Tips to prepare your garden for Autumn

1. Tend to your grass

Dust off your mower for one last spin around the lawn. Even though grass growth slows down, periodic mowing prevents issues, especially in rainy climates. Choose a dry day to avoid wrestling with waterlogged lawns as winter approaches.

2. Address worms in your garden space

While worms are friends to your garden, their casts can be a pesky eyesore. Grab a besom broom on a dry day to sweep away these earthy mounds, preserving the beauty of your lawn.

3. Nurture with nutrients

Give your lawn a boost with autumn lawn food to fortify it against the upcoming cold and wet weather. This simple step ensures robust, green grass when spring rolls around.

Autumn prep garden nutrients


4. Vegetable garden TLC

Clear out any remaining crops and banish weeds from your vegetable patch. A tidy garden not only looks better but also reduces the risk of pests and diseases lingering into the colder months.

5. Shelter tender plants

For plants susceptible to frost, usher them indoors. Don’t forget to inspect the soil for unwanted guests before bringing them inside.

6. Declutter and clean

Eliminate fallen fruit and foliage cluttering your garden. This not only promotes a healthier environment but also prevents diseases from taking hold. Give your tools, sheds, and greenhouses a good clean, ensuring they’re ready for action in the new year.


7. Look to the future

Plant spring-flowering bulbs now for a burst of color when warmer days return. Don’t fret if September slipped by; any time in autumn is perfect for bulb planting.

8. Hydrate your haven

Even as summer bids adieu, don’t forget your garden’s thirst. Water your lawn and container plants, preparing them for winter’s unpredictable weather.

9. Store smartly

Protect your outdoor furniture from the elements. If storage space is a challenge, invest in affordable protective covers to extend the life of your garden essentials.

Prepping your garden for Autumn


10. Ponderous ponds

Give your ponds some love by removing excess plants, weeds, and fallen leaves. Covering the water surface with a net keeps it leaf-free throughout autumn.

11. Fend off the wind

Survey your fence line and address any issues before autumn winds kick in. Timely repairs, especially to fence posts, can save you from major headaches later on.

12. Gutters Galore

Prepare for increased rain and falling leaves by unclogging gutters and drains. A little maintenance now can prevent water-related issues down the line.

13. Feathered friends

Replenish bird feeders to ensure our winged companions have a steady supply. Welcoming them to your garden brings vibrant colours and lively chirps, enhancing your outdoor space well into winter.

With these simple steps, your garden will be primed to weather the autumn months gracefully. As you retreat indoors for warmth and comfort, your garden will silently thank you, ready to bloom anew when spring arrives.


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Feature image: Unsplash