Ideas for using collectables as vases

Picking the vase is half the fun of flower arranging for florist Leigh-Ann Lucini of Canteloupe, so we asked her to come up with ideas for simple seasonal arrangements using collectables as containers



From vintage perfume bottles to these antique tea caddies, an arrangement of containers in different shapes and sizes will add a whimsical twist to any table setting. For a cohesive look, stick to vessels made from the same material.

The containers: A collection of English hallmarked silver and silver-plated tea caddies, circa 1860 – 1900.

Recreate the arrangement: Fill some of the containers with small posies of peonies, some with a single full-blown bloom or orchid stem and the tallest vessel with a small bunch of tulips.

Tip: Open peonies will last a week or more and fully unfurled blooms a day or two. To keep them looking their best, Leigh-Ann suggests cutting the stems at an angle and placing them in cool water; change the water and trim their stems daily.



Who says a simple bunch of freshly picked garden flowers can’t look sophisticated?

The container: An English Royal Crown Derby blue and white bowl decorated with their Asiatic Pheasant Design, circa 1900.

Recreate this arrangement: Insert a small bunch of delphiniums in the centre of a block of water-soaked florist foam. Fill in around the edges with sweet peas, placing one or two longer stems directly around the delphiniums to soften the look.



There’s no better way to make the most of the abundance of flowers in your garden at this time of year than by putting together a colourful mixed bouquet. Here, Leigh-Ann’s teamed roses, hibiscus, sweet peas, potato flowers and delphiniums.

The container: An English Spode sauce tureen, circa 1880.

Recreate the arrangement: Place a block of water-soaked florist foam at the bottom of your vessel to hold your flowers in place. Insert your blooms into the foam, taking your lead from the shape of your container, and add extra texture by tucking in the odd piece of foliage.



A silver rose bowl overflowing with roses is the epitome of elegance.

The container: A Victorian silver-plated rose bowl with an embossed design and an applied edge.

Recreate this arrangement: Bundle the roses into a bouquet and tie them with a rubber band. Then cut all the stems to the same length to fit your bowl.



Take your cue for your choice of flowers from the shape of your container; the ruffled petals of these bold cockscombs echo the fluted edges of this vintage vase.

The container: A white mezza filigrana Murano glass handkerchief vase by Barovier & Toso, circa 1950.

Recreate this arrangement: Simply cut your flowers to size and arrange them in the vase.