Flower arrangements can be a very enjoyable activity to engage in. Whether you are arranging flowers for the fun of it or someone special. You want to choose popular flowers that they’re guaranteed to enjoy. Here are a few ideas on flower arrangements you can use.



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Bring colour back into your life by arranging different bright-coloured tulips. Tulips can bring bright colours and add vibrant energy to any room. They can be the centrepiece of the room by showcasing the best floral tulip variations summer has to offer.

Pro-tip: introduce yellow, white, and orange daffodils poke out as the best centrepiece flower arrangement.


No one can go wrong with roses. Classic and so romantic, roses are the go-to for flower arrangements. With a variety of colours, arranging roses can be fun because you can play around with the different colour variations. With over 100 different variations, you can find roses for any climate or occasion. Roses also do so well in complimenting other flowers.

Deep blue Delphinium and Larkspur

Stems of delphinium and larkspur in blue-violet tones form an arrangement that’s at once subtle and opulent. Delphinium and Larkspur have that extra touch of bright summer colour and soft texture that enhances which makes it one of the special flower arrangements in warm weather. Combining these two symbolizes well wishes and good vibes.

Sunflower arrangements

The yellow of the sunflower is so vibrant that it instantly brightens up any space. You can arrange sunflowers on their own in a vase and they will look stunning because of their large full blooms. Sunflower arrangements are popular because of the wonderful meaning sunflowers hold, and the uplifting, cheery effect they have on us. They are typically an ideal birthday or get-well-soon flower arrangement because they radiate happy and positive energy.


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Beautiful vases for your summer blooms

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