Styling your house surfaces with marble not only brings glamour but also versatility. Its versatility comes from the fact that you can use different types of marble and other precious stones.

Marble naturally introduces a natural, organic feel to a home.

Mixing different marble colours for visual appeal

Mixing precious stones can create a surprisingly decorative modern setting in your home. When mixing two marble colours, be minimalistic, let one marble colour do the talking. As much as marble can be visually appealing, when mixing strong designs be sure to pull back on other details.

Having an eye-catching detail with marble

Using an eye-catching detail as a finish to your marble surfaces can be a game changer. Adding it to create the right amount of drama. It’s an elegant way of adding interest, helping to bring cohesion to a space with understated luxury.

Marble flooring

Incorporating marble flooring in your home can be pricey. Although beautiful, marble flooring can be expensive, slippery, and susceptible to easy damage. Marble floors are an expensive way to bring luxury to your home. They can be a worthwhile investment, adding a sense of glamour and timeless luxury to a room and are particularly attractive in an entrance hall where they set the tone for the rest of the house.

Marble countertops

A timeless statement in any home has to be the marble kitchen or marble bathroom. Having marble counters elevates your home by adding a more aesthetic chic value. Consider using two contrasting colours of marble for your kitchen island can make it incredibly beautiful and appealing.

Marble fireplace

Marble is most often imagined in kitchen or bathroom spaces, but it’s a material for any room in the house. Eye-catching, slick, modern, and a striking feature design in a living room. Adding a marble fireplace can make the space look luxurious with just a little touch of a perfect marble finish. The marble stone is heat resistant and adds a chic contrast to a modern marble fireplace.


Marble makes a bold statement in your home decor

Feature image: Pexel