Revarnishing is the process of reapplying a layer of varnish onto a furniture that is made of wood. This process helps in so many ways as it works as a protective coat that helps seal and protect the wood from damage.

Here are some reasons why you should reapply varnish onto your furniture as suggested by Forbes Home– an online publication dedicated to turning all home aspirations into reality by providing the knowledge, tools, and blueprints to set your home up for success:

  • It will protect the wood from damage caused by sunlight, moisture, and other elements.
  • Varnish restores the beauty and shine of the wood.
  • It prevents the wood from drying out and cracking.
  • It can also help with extending the life span of the furniture.

When you are going to varnish, you should always start by cleaning the surface of the wood. Remove the old finish then apply the new one.

You must be asking yourself how will you know when your furniture needs to be revarnished.

varnishing your furniture


Here are some pointers that will help you identify that your furniture needs a varnish revamp suggested by Family Handyman Magazine- DIYer’s best friend, offering a variety of print and digital resources for do-it-yourself homeowners.

  • When your furniture starts to look dull or have a faded appearance
  • Revamp when the wood starts to split or crack
  • The wood might have a rough or a splintery texture you must revarnish
  • When the finish is starting to peel and flake off

The process of revarnishing can take from a few hours to several days depending on the size of the furniture you will be working on.


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Feature image: Pexels