There’s no doubt that spring and summer flowers are pure joy! Brighten your home by filling a flower vase and making it a centrepiece in your living area. Not sure how? Follow our easy tips…

Stick to one type of flower 

At this time of year, it might be tempting to fill your flower vase with a bouquet of different flowers, but sticking to one type of flower will bring an immediate splash of summer to your home. Tulips look really fabulous, but you could also use irises, daffodils, sweet peas, tiger lilies, or strelitzias – all equally gorgeous.

Re-cut the base of the stem 

It’s important to cut the stem with a clean, sharp knife before you arrange your flowers. This will open up the stem and allow each flower to take up more water.

Wash your vase before each use

This will help to keep bacteria away as it can shorten the life of your flowers. For a little extra shine, put a small amount of white vinegar in the bottom of your vase after washing. Swish it around and tip it out. Rinse it twice.

flower vase


Take care of your flowers

With proper care, most summer flowers should open and bloom for about a week. Their biggest enemy is heat. Keep them away from direct sunlight, lamps, and television sets.

Readjust your arrangement 

Over time, you’ll need to take out those flowers that are starting to wilt. Unlike most other cut flowers, tulips will continue to grow, so their stems often bend and twist – you may need to re-trim them after a couple of days.

Never mix tulips 

With daffodils or any other members of the narcissus family, as narcissi excude a substance that shortens the lifespan of other flowers by clogging their water uptake channels.

TOP TIP: Fill your vase with cool water and top up daily. This is particularly important for tulips, as they are big drinkers. For the longest flower life, change the water every two days.



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Compiled by Tammy Jacks for Woman&Home.

Feature image: Pexels