Summer is fast approaching and this is usually the best time to have loads of fun out in the sun with friends and family.

After being indoors due to winter’s chills, most of us are longing for the outdoors kind of fun where we can bask in the sun and not worry about flu or having to stock up on food and clothes to keep us warm.

This is also a time when activities with family are enjoyed the most. If you have not thought of any family activities to get into this summer, do not despair as we have five summer activities for the whole family, as per Very Well Family.

Have a water gun race

Put a hole in the bottom of two or more plastic cups and thread string or yarn through each one. Secure the ends of the yarn to a starting point and an ending point. Use full squirt guns to shoot water into the cups so that they race along the string. The first cup to the finish line is the winner.

Play balloon tennis

Gather a balloon, paper plates, painting sticks and you are all set. Attach the sticks to the paper plates to make the paddles and use the balloon as the ball. This is a great activity for indoor or outdoor play.

outdoor fun (2)


Host an outdoor movie night

Rent or borrow a movie projector and show a movie on a white sheet draped across PVC pipe in the backyard. Or, use the side of your house as the screen. Bring sleeping bags, air mattresses, and pool rafts out as the seating and enjoy the show (with popcorn of course).

Have a cookout in the backyard

Make a burger bar where kids can choose their own toppings, or set up a “make your own sundae” station. Put on some tunes, and maybe have a bubble machine blowing in the yard.

Pack a picnic

Plop down to eat it just about anywhere such as a free concert, at a playground, or in a park.



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 Compiled by Bongiwe Mati for BONA.

Feature image: Unsplash