Winter in bloom! Get creative and plant up a winter hanging basket to lift your spirits as temperatures drop.

This fun and easy D.I.Y winter hanging baskets are a great addition to your space and makes for a great way to keep busy indoors.

Fill your home with blooming D.I.Y Winter hanging baskets


  1. Select a hanging basket that is the appropriate size for the number of plants you want to grow. It should have drainage holes and a hook or chain for hanging.
  2. Choose winter annuals that have similar light and water requirements to plant in the same container. Good options for winter hanging baskets include pansies, violas, and lobelia.
  3. Fill the basket with good-quality potting soil, leaving enough space at the top for the plants. Press down gently to remove any air pockets.
Hanging baskets winter

Image: Better Homes & Gardens

  1. Decide on a planting arrangement before you start planting. Proper preparation will ensure each plant has enough space to fill out over time. Start with the largest or tallest plants in the centre and work your way outwards. This is your chance to get creative and come up with a unique design and placement.
  2. Make holes in the soil to carefully plant by gently teasing the roots. Plant at the same depth as the plants were in their original containers.
  3. Water the basket thoroughly and add slow-release fertiliser according to package instructions. Continue to water and fertilise as needed throughout the winter.
  4. Once the basket is planted, hang it in a suitable location that receives the appropriate amount of light for the plants you have chosen.

Tip: If you’re looking for a winter-friendly annual for beds rather than baskets, try snapdragons.


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A version of this article was published in the Garden&Home June 2023 print magazine.

Feature image: Better Homes & Gardens