For centuries gardening has been one of the most therapeutic and fun hobbies that homeowners can do.

The process of preparing one’s yard for gardening has several life skills. It teaches people to have patience, endurance, and resilience. The reality is that things might not always go your way during the gardening process, however, the important part is to love what you do and to do it passionately. At the right time, you will bear the fruits of your labour.

For first-time homeowners or individuals looking to start planting their own fruit or vegetable gardens there are several things you need to consider before venturing into this hobby.

The following steps as highlighted by Eco Watch – an expert gardening company – will guide you through the steps you need in order to successfully get your gardening journey up and running.

1. Find a sunny location that is easily accessible for gardening. Consider community gardens if you don’t have a suitable space.

2. Determine what you want to grow based on your space and climate. Check the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map for plant suggestions.

3. Prepare your garden area by clearing weeds and sod. Use containers or raised garden beds if your soil is not suitable. Add compost and necessary tools to your gardening supplies.

4. Test your soil to ensure it’s healthy and nutrient-rich before planting.

5. For healthy plants, choose native flowers and vegetables that thrive in your climate and sun exposure. Consider using seeds instead of transplants for cost-effectiveness.

6. Prepare your garden bed with the sheet composting method, which involves layering organic waste like leaves, vegetable scraps, peat moss, and coffee grounds. Water your plants regularly during the growing season and pay attention to the weather to adjust your watering schedule. Keep weeds and pests away for healthy growth.



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A version of this article was published in Bona Magazine.