An impressive pool makeover

Building a new pool in the old one was just one of the steps this Durban couple took to rejuvenate their outdoor living area

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After -- pool makeover



“The patio and pool, were not only unattractive but also impractical. The patio was so small that it could not be used, and the pool was old and out of proportion to the size of the property,” says Anne Schauffer of the Durban home she shares with her partner Bjorn Hanssen. “Being sunken and poorly linked to the patio, it was rarely used.” But the cherry on the top was when their neighbours added a large veranda overlooking this entire area, meaning Anne and Bjorn needed to gain some space in which to plant trees for privacy.

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Before -- pool makeover



“We ascertained what was physically possible, and were advised by Peter Shedlock of Swimming Pool Services to build a small pool within our existing one, rather than demolishing the original,” recalls Anne. “Our brief to Umhlanga architect Torbjorn Hanssen of U2 Design Lab included a far smaller pool, bigger patio, straight lines rather than the curves and increasing the width of the narrow driveway.”

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aprilpoolmakeover05gh -- pool makeover

The original pool wall was largely broken up, so the proposed trees’ roots would not end up waterlogged and a new pool structure was built within the old pool cavity. They chose an unvarnished garapa decking to surround the pool rather than a combination of tiles and decking. “The decking was expensive, but we haven’t regretted it for a second,. It’s velvety on the feet, non slip, and largely maintenance free.” The wall separating the parking area was demolished so a little extra space was gained.

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A wire fence was installed over which Senecio macroglossus was trained and three fully grown Terminalia catappa trees were planted for screening. “Now the area is used frequently and looks good. The smaller pool is easy to keep clean, and is just so much prettier all year round. The trees, too, not only screen the property, but provide something lovely to look at even when sitting inside,” says Anne.