Outdated kitchen? Here’s how you can give the heart of your home a brand-new look. The best part? These easy kitchen updates won’t break the bank

1. Paint the cabinets

Whether you’re stuck with outdated melamine or an orangey-brown wood, paint is an affordable alternative to replacing cabinetry.

2. Fit new splashbacks

Splashbacks - easy kitchen updates

Any type of continuous material can be used as splashbacks. Both glass and stone are hygienic and easy to clean, and available in a wide range of colours.

3. Upgrade the lighting

Lighting - easy kitchen updates

Hang pendants above the island. This is an attractive way to focus attention on it and add good light where you need it.

4. Add floating shelves

Floating-shelves - easy kitchen updates

Show off beautiful kitchenware and collectables on floating shelves.

5. Add a chalkboard

Chalkboard - easy kitchen updates

A chalkboard is not only handy, but also makes an attractive focal point.

6. Replace the cabinet doors

Replace-doors - easy kitchen updates

If your dated kitchen cabinets are still in good condition, there’s no need to rip them out – just replace the doors.

7. Lay new flooring

Flooring - easy kitchen updates
For wooden floors, try hardwoods such as French white oak. Choose a sealant with a maintenance regime that suits your lifestyle.
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