Interior inspiration: a sociable kitchen

Design your kitchen so you can spend more quality time with your family, whether cooking, watching TV or just grabbing a cup of coffee


Three essential elements: A large multifunctional island, a work station and a sitting area with a TV.

Open plan dining and living room

How this sociable space was achieved:

Having lived with a kitchen consisting of a number of disjointed areas, this Cape Town couple asked architect Alex Stewart to design them a large, comfortable kitchen-cum-living area where they could spend time with their two young daughters.

The design challenge was to “reframe the spaces, and to get an easy flow,” explains Alex. His solution was to create a centrepiece for the room in the form of a long island that serves as a hub for family activities. It has a table fitted at one end for dining, providing a place for the family to congregate. On the practical side it has plenty of work surface for food preparation plus loads of storage space hidden behind frosted glass doors. Sleek cabinetry keeps the look clean and uncluttered.

Dining table  View from dining table

The focal point of the sitting area, furnished with a generous sofa and armchairs, is the TV, which forms part of the display of art. Set to one side is a desk and computer for homework and catching up with paperwork.


Wooden floors, attractive lighting and built-in appliances help to establish this as a family space for relaxing and socialising and not just for cooking.

*Cushions and throw from Mavromac, table mats, baskets, milk jug and salad bowl from L’Orangerie.