5 Budget-friendly kitchen updates

Try these ideas to give a tired kitchen a facelift. While some will need a bit of effort and a contractor or two, others can be done in a morning

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1. Use open shelves to display art and collectables. This gives your kitchen personality and you can change them on a regular basis to create new looks. Kitchen design by The Love Factor.

Kitchen design by The Love Factor

2. Bring in some funky bar stools. They’ll encourage people to gather around while you’re cooking and up the style factor. Add a bit of excitement by combining contemporary seats with traditional cabinetry. Décor by Dear Zania Interiors.

Décor by Dear Zania Interiors

3. Swap your old central light fitting for a couple of stylish pendants. Group them for more impact and hang them where they’ll provide good lighting for dining or food preparation. Décor by Oniroco Interiors.

Décor by Oniroco Interiors

4. Lighten up a claustrophobic kitchen by replacing solid doors with glass fronted ones. This gives you the opportunity to show off lovely glassware and crockery and immediately makes the room look lighter and brighter. Décor by Changing Spaces.

Décor by Changing Spaces

5. Replace a tiled splash-back with mirror. This instantly lightens a room and makes it appear larger plus mirror always adds a touch of glamour.

mirror in kitchen

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