Upcycling: Globe light

Anthea McCloed, the creative genius behind the upcycled furniture at A 2nd Life, shows how to turn a child’s globe into a pendant light that’ll add a touch of retro cool to any room


Globe - before


  • A globe; look for one at home stores, second-hand or charity shops.
  • A ceiling light fitting that can be bought at any electrical shop. Check the fitting and buy the appropriate light bulb – bayonet or screw (Edison).
  • A drill with a hole saw attachment; available at most hardware stores.


  1. Unscrew the globe into two halves; it should be quite simple.
  2. To cut the correct size hole into which the ceiling light fitting will fit, first unscrew the light fitting’s two rings and place the bulb fitting part in the exact spot on the top of the globe where you want the hole to be (the hole should be slightly larger than the fitting). Draw a circle around the circumference of the bulb fitting part. Note: unscrewing the two rings simply makes it easier to draw around the fitting.
  3. Once this is done, measure the diameter so you use the appropriate size saw bit. Follow the instructions for fitting the saw bit and use it correctly. If you’re unsure, ask someone who has used one before to help you.
  4. To fit the ceiling light fitting to the globe shade, reattach the top ring to the fitting and then insert the bulb fitting part through the hole and reattach the ‘bottom’ ring to the fitting. The cap and top ring should now be on the top (outside) of the globe and the bulb fitting part and the ‘bottom’ ring inside the shade. Tighten the two rings.
  5. Attach your light fitting to the light point in the ceiling. If you already have an existing light fitting, unscrew it and replace it with this one (basically following step 4 above). If not, consult an electrician to attach it to the ceiling point.