5 Ways to upcycle when entertaining

Stefan Norval of Afresh Event and Design reveals the secrets to upcycling old pieces to create a dining area that’ll wow your friends

1. Set the scenegheabc2014826143852

An assortment of chairs in different styles and an old bench found in a Parys junk shop add to the eclectic charm of this setting. By painting them, albeit in various colours, Stefan’s managed to create a unified feel. “A central theme can link diverse pieces,” he explains. He’s paired them with a table made from old planks. Birdcages were then placed around the chandeliers for extra impact and to give the room a quirky focal point.

2. Use paint

The chairs were painted in vivid hues. “In this case I refurbished the seat and only painted the backrest as I wanted the integrity of the aged wood to shine through,” he says. The lamp base was painted in a similar shade to the foliage in the steel bucket for continuity. Keep in mind that little gems from junk shops don’t need to be obviously useful or beautiful; Stefan successfully turned the little blue houses (old KLM Royal Dutch Airlines bottles) into bud vases for tulips.

3. Create different levels

Creating different heights immediately adds interest to a table setting and gives each item a ‘stage’ on which to shine. For a fuss-free floral centrepiece with a contemporary twist, simply wrap pot plants in newspaper. Another great idea is to paint an old wooden bucket and use it as a vase.

4. Use what you have

Two old shutters were painted in different shades of grey to create depth and perspective. Adding the flowers creates a vertical garden effect. The artwork was part of a box of litho prints found at a junk shop and framed. Added to the mix are a glass vase, which was given a completely new look with electric blue paint, and an old boat light.

5. Add some fun touches

The base plates were covered with string to add texture and interest to the table setting. The knife and fork handles were also painted white to give them added appeal. “I love the wooden dice and old table legs used as decor props – they add a fun touch,” he says.