Decorating with blue and white: Hamptons safari

Interiors consultant Louise Alexandra shows you how to use navy and white to create an international, jet-setting feel

Hamptons safari

MY INSPIRATION FOR THIS CAPE ATTIC APARTMENT WAS… threefold. Being near the ocean, blue and white felt right. Reclaiming space from the roof meant using tongue and groove panelling for the walls and ceilings; this created a Hamptons holiday vibe, which again lends itself well to this colour combination. I also wanted to reflect our African surrounds, so I brought in elements like the Nguni hide, which gives this space a safari lodge twist.

Hamptons safari 2  Hamptons safari 3

Tips to get this look:

  • Decide on a specific blue and white theme to suit your particular interior, for example spunky retro or cosmopolitan chic. Be disciplined and stick to furniture and accessories that fit in with that theme.
  • Pick the right white paint to offset the specific blue you’ve chosen. With navy, I find that an ‘Italian white’ like the one I’ve used here works best; it’s a soft, creamy hue that’s subtler and more sophisticated than a stark ‘paper white’.
  • Pay attention to the bulkiest item in the room, like the sofa, or in this case the bed, and turn it into an inviting focal point. Style, layer and ‘cosy’ it up with cushions and throws.
  • Create contrast by piping navy furniture in white.
  • When dressing your room, don’t forget to add some ‘jewellery’. A few touches of bling, like silver photo frames or lamp bases and chunky glass accessories will add sparkle to your scheme.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of personal mementoes. Whether it’s an old panama hat, a vintage leather holdall or a family photo, items like these add tremendous character to your home and will make it one of a kind.
Hamptons safari 4

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