6 Easy decor updates

Brighten tired rooms with these inspiring ideas


1. Create a focal point with a series of floating shelves. Interior decorator Nthabi Taukobong from Ditau Interiors used these to display woven baskets and interesting accessories. Photographed at Steyn City.

Floating shelves

2. Use an overscaled mirror to lighten a dark room. For a more casual look, just prop it against the wall as decorator Liza Scholtz did here. Photographed at Steyn City.

Over sized mirror

3. Paint or wallpaper your bedroom wall in a dark, moody shade. You’ll be surprised how the bed stands out. Swap the bedside lamp for two pendant lights. Decor by Jonathan Avnon of Joseph Avnon Interiors. Photographed at Steyn City.

Dark bedroom wall

4. Embrace the rug layering trend and give your existing rugs a whole new look.

Decorate with rugs

5. Patterned tiles are all the rage. The easy way to introduce this trend is with Suzy Amoils Moroccan Tile wallpaper, R584/m2, from Robin Sprong Wallpaper. If you use it as a splashback, protect it with a sheet of glass.

Patterned tiles

6. Include a stack of coffee table books in your tablescapes; they make handy plinths for small ornaments. Decor by Orangecircle Concepts.