Bedside stories

“I arrived home recently from an exceptionally busy day to find that my other half had completely rearranged the furniture in our house,” writes Cape Town contributing decor ed Catherine Zachariou

Being a creature of habit, I had a minor internal freak-out but smiled through the worry as he gleefully showed me what he’d done. Admittedly, our house does look better and the furniture has an approved layout. However, with the moving came the need for some new furniture.

One of the things that’s just not working anymore are our bedside lamps. Firstly, they don’t match (a pet hate of mine) and, secondly, they’re way too big for the bedside tables.

Since then, we’ve been on the hunt for some beautiful, timeless bedside lamps and shades to complete our dream bedroom setting.

Here’s my shortlist:


  1. Purple Greek key lampshade, R249,95, Boardmans. BUY NOW
  2. Pink flawless drum lampshade, R199,95, Boardmans. BUY NOW
  3. White angled desk lamp, R399, Woolworths. BUY NOW
  4. Copper tripod lamp stand, R499, @home. BUY NOW
  5. Wooden tripod lamp set, 7399, @home. BUY NOW

Happy decorating,