Tips on buying a new mattress from sleep experts at Dial-a-Bed.

On average, you sleep for a third of your life and the right mattress will increase in sleep comfort by 70% and your quality of sleep by 62%.


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Here are some considerations when purchasing a new mattress:

1. Which room is the mattress for?
The type of mattress you buy depends on which room it is for and how frequently it will be used. A mattress for a main bedroom will differ from one for a holiday home.

2. Who is the mattress for?
The correct mattress can help with many sleep issues. To ensure that customers are afforded a high measure of confidence when making their purchase, Dial-a-Bed offers a 100 Night Comfort Exchange. If you don’t absolutely love it, you can exchange it for another mattress. This ensures you get complete peace of mind when investing in a mattress from Dial-a-Bed.

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3. Is there a major weight difference between sleeping partners?
This may cause motion transfer (when the heavier person turns, the other person bounces up and down). There are specific products that offer reduced motion transfer which absorbs the impact of the tossing and turning.

4. What is your individual comfort preference?
From there, you can decide whether you would prefer a gentle, medium or firm mattress. Dial-a-Bed stores offer a unique comfort test area that allows you to find the comfort that is right for you.

5. Choose the best filling material

The type of filling material used (the layer on-top of the spring unit) determines the comfort level of a mattress. Some of the popular filling materials are memory foam, latex and gel infused foam – a salesperson can take you through the benefits of each.

6. Get a mattress with the correct spring unit
There is loads of technology in the spring unit, designed to support the spine during sleep. Different mechanisms offer different types of support – a salesperson can take you through the benefits of each.

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