A good night’s sleep is essential to your overall health but it’s not always easy to get the shut-eye you need. Here are some things you can change around the house and in your bedroom to promote better sleep

Colour is important

Choosing the right colour for your bedroom can improve your sleep pattern. The colour blue, for example, is popular for its soothing attributes, and can stabilise your heartbeat making it the ideal colour for your bedroom.

Here are more colours you can incorporate into your bedroom decor scheme.

Bring nature indoors

According to the horticulturists at Stodels Nurseries, Belville, air-purifying plants help decrease pollution, odours and moulds that can impact on night time breathing. Here are four plants they recommend.

Choose your mattress wisely

The average person sleeps for about a third of his or her life so choosing the right mattress is really important. Always take these six points into consideration when purchasing a mattress.