8 Easy tips to create a Victorian bathroom

Planning a bathroom makeover? The Victorian theme will always be on trend and is easy to achieve when following these tips from Bella Bathrooms & Tiles 

White Victorian-bathroom

1. Use a standalone bathtub for that classic Victorian feel.

2. Use a bath caddy for soaps and toiletries (it happily doubles up as support for your reading material).

3. A state of the art stand-alone-mixer or tap adds drama to the bathroom.

4. Including a chair with cushions in a neutral colour provides a sense of luxury.

5. Introduce a side table in a slightly darker colour to that of the bath.
Wood Victorian-bathroom

6. Additional bathroom accessories, such as a vase with flowers and mirrors, add charm.

7. Wooden flooring or ceramic tiles with a wood grain highlights the bath.

8. Round off the look with a soft full-length curtain.

Gold and white Victorian-bathroom