Quick bathroom decor ideas: natural charm

Give your bathroom a brand new look by adding a few stylish accessories. All it takes is a shopping trip

As they’re usually the focal point, use mirrors to establish the mood. Then bring in warmth with natural textures like wood and wicker, and use foliage and pot plants to breathe life into the scheme (washed mirrors, R3 495 each, Weylandts).

More bathroom decor ideas:

  • Continue the look with textured accessories and dispensers.

*Toothbrush holder and soap dispenser, from R65 each, glass jar, R329, all @home, plant in handwoven basket, from R175, SHF, Indulge facecloths, R29 each, Volpes.

  • Use a small woven stool for holding towels and toiletries and to add a rustic element.
    *Putra stool, R795, Coricraft, white Indulge towels, from R39, Volpes.

  • Look for practical items, like laundry baskets, in the same style.
    *Chunky knit basket, R429, and bamboo vase with white detail, R359, @home.