World Refrigeration Day is on 26 June and according to the official website, it is all about raising awareness for the refrigeration, cooling and heat pump industry and its core function in modern society.

The focus is on the crucial role that the industry has in modern life and how we come to depend so much on refrigeration and air-conditioning.

It has become virtually impossible to exist without the convenience of cooling systems. Each of us likely owns one or two refrigerators and makes use of them pretty much every day. This industry is also vastly instrumental in healthcare, transport and logistics, the food industry and telecommunications.

Our homes and workplaces are prime examples to showcase the importance of cooling systems. We rely on refrigeration to keep food fresh for longer. We also need adequate air-conditioning in our workplaces as a health and safety measure.

How do we embrace World Refrigeration Day?

Having the best refrigeration solutions could mean the difference between life and death, especially in the healthcare and transport industries.

Seeing as most industries will invest well into their cooling and heat-pump infrastructure, we ought to do the same in our homes.

We have compiled a shortlist of top-of-the-range fridges well worth the investment.

1. Hisense 536 Frost Free French Door Fridge with Water Dispenser

Image credit: Makro

This stylishly sleek French door fridge has a frost-free freezer and is the perfect addition to your kitchen upgrade. Get yours from Makro while the promotion lasts at R19 999 and save.

2. Samsung 647L Side-by-Side with Space Max Technology

Image credit: Samsung

In the spirit of World Refrigeration Day, why not get this side-by-side door fridge from Samsung? You’ll have more than enough space to store your food and drinks well throughout the year.

Enjoy the functionality and design of this top-of-the-range Samsung fridge in your kitchen when you buy it at R18 999.

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3. LG 611L Side-by-Side Fridge

Image credit: Makro

This lofty fridge freezer is now available from Makro for R46 999 and boasts a compact design. To give your kitchen and home an instant stylish facelift, nothing beats this gorgeous LG fridge. Time to get an upgrade with LG this international refrigeration day.


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