Keeping your home warm in winter can end up being quite costly.

Heating costs and the curse of load shedding also mean that we have to find reliable heating alternatives.

We found these top four budget-friendly heating solutions for you.

Time to snuggle up with a book and hot chocolate as these top picks will sure enough beat the winter chill!

Fireplace heater

Budget friendly heating

Free Standing Wood Fireplace: Builders R16 999

Cost effective and rather quaint, these heaters are wood-burning and can be moved throughout the space with ease. They provide that much needed warmth in a lounge or bedroom in the winter months. Since they use wood, you get to save on electric heating costs which means this is a budget friendly heating  solution and sustainable winter hack.

Electric heating

budget heating solutions

Goldair Electric Fireplace Heater: Takealot R1 899

Most electric heaters are portable, which means you can enjoy their soothing warmth from any area in the home. Electric heaters are easy to find and are hassle free, you can get different varieties that won’t break your bank. Perfect for compact living spaces, you are likely to have more than one in the home so everyone can enjoy the warmth in their very own comfort zone.

Gas heater

budget friendly heating

CADAC Compact Gas Heater: Game R1 399

With load shedding becoming the norm in South Africa, many consumers have already made the switch to gas powered stoves and the sort. The use of gas heaters has become a more prevalent and reliable option for South Africans. Refilling a gas 9kg cylinder can cost around R300, though the initial cost of an empty cylinder is around R700. This option is cost effective over time and will benefit you well through the winter months.


budget heating solutions

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A well-insulated home is a happy home in winter. There are a number of ways to achieve this. One way is to invest in good-quality rugs for every room. This may not be a cheap exercise but it will benefit you in the long run. Heavy curtains and wind dust blockers for doors will also help keep out the cold drafts. This way you are not spending too much on heating as you will have an adequately insulated home.

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Featured image: Pexels