Heating solutions for winter

It’s our first winter in our new home and we didn’t realise temperatures could reach sub-zero in the house. Sub-zero might be a tad dramatic, but cold would also be an understatement. We don’t have any heating or systems in our home so we need something simple, fast and cost effective, says art director Hema Nana. Have a look at these heating solutions for winter to try: 

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Here are a few of the options we’re considering:

Portable gas heater

These are relatively inexpensive and require no installation. Gas warms rapidly and is generally cheaper than electricity, and it’s easy to move the heater to different areas in the house.

Split reverse-cycle air conditioner

Split reverse-cycle air conditioners use heat pumps, an efficient form of heat generation. Reverse-cycle units can both heat and cool. They’re designed to heat an open-plan area or a single room and running costs are similar to gas systems. A major plus point: air conditioners don’t take up any floor space.

Bioethanol burners

The main feature of this heating system is tied to its environmental benefits. Ethanol burns quietly and does not emit dirty smoke, ash or debris. These burners are available in free-standing table units which require no installation, and wall mounted options which are relatively easy to install. The down side? Ethanol is expensive.

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