The many uses for mason jars

Art Director Hema Nana rounds-up five different ways to use mason jars


I recently spotted the trend of using mason jars as decor accessories at a friend’s new home – and to think I only ever considered them for bottling jam. I began trawling the Internet one night and discovered hundreds of ways to use them, so here’s a pick of my favourites…

Pendant light

This beautiful pendant light, created by Clark’s All Purpose, definitely grabbed my attention.
The pendant pictured is currently only for sale on Etsy, however, it should be fairly easy to make if you’re skilled with a drill. If I were to make it, coloured cabling would be an absolute must.

Scented candles

Make your own scented candles by adding coffee beans or vanilla pods in the jars and placing tealight candles on top. This will make an eye-catching table centrepiece. Alternatively, hang them from trees in the garden when entertaining outdoors.

Soap dispenser

Glam up your bathroom and turn a glass jar into a soap dispenser. This looks much classier than a plastic soap dispenser.


If, like me, you always have garden string lying around to train plants and creepers, avoid the hassle of untangling it by storing it in a jar with a hole drilled through the lid.


Use chalkboard paint on the lids of jars and use them to store almost anything. The great thing about the lids having info written on them is that you can easily find the item you need.