Inspiring home offices

Whether you’re working from home or just need a stylish place to do your online shopping, here are some inspirational spaces

My home office is pretty much what I like to call organised chaos; everything has a place under the mountains of paper. Someday I’d like to trade in the disarray for something more structured and this post will definitely be my inspiration, says art director Hema Nana.

1. Working with stripes

Image: Styleme pretty

An upcycled table and statement wall is the solution if you don’t have a spare room available. This works especially well in a lounge and dining area.

2. Bold impact

Image: Stylizimo

A minimalistic table with retro accessories (like the hanger and table lamp) paired with a dark wall creates a very on-trend office.

3. Functional wall

Image: Stylizimo

Make your calendar work with your decor scheme and use it as a striking wall piece.

4. The gallery

Image: Glamour

Add inspiration with a gallery of framed prints of high-end fashion brands – perfect for every fashionista.

5. Clean and crisp

Image: The glitter guide

Keep it clean with a stark white palette.

6. Wrapping station

Image: 91 Magazine

Add colour and interest with stationery and storage items.

7. Outside in

Image: Rooftop antics

Bring a little bit of the outside in with a hanging pot plant and a few natural wood furniture pieces.