Compact kitchen: White and bright

Brimming with space-enhancing ideas, this small kitchen is as functional as it is stylish

An island on wheels helps to add extra workspace in a kitchen where everything is aligned along one wall. Marius du Plooy of Indahouse Concept Kitchens and Furniture, who fitted this Sea Point kitchen, shares his space-saving ideas:

Storage that reveals and conceals

A combination of open shelving as well as enclosed cupboards makes it possible to display beautiful pieces and to conceal unsightly items like cleaning aids. Glass shelving (seen inside the tall glass-fronted crockery and grocery cupboard below) is also visually less dominating. Storage is maximised by taking some cabinets all the way up to the ceiling.

Drawer units are more accessible than cupboards. With the vast amount of utensils and accessories on offer, it’s a good idea to compartmentalise drawers. In small spaces drawers for items that are used daily, from knives to cling wrap, help to keep counters clear of clutter. A microwave should be in a custom-made integrated unit.

Light flooring

A light floor in a durable, natural material enhances the sense of space and forms a stylish backdrop to offset design elements and joinery. The owners opted for a light, yet warm-toned oak floor with a ‘grey mist rustic distressed’ finish from Oggie Hardwood Flooring, fitted by Greg Truter Flooring and Interiors.

Functional lighting

Without a well-planned lighting system even the greatest kitchen can be dreary. Task lighting on all work surfaces is a must-have, while lighting inside cupboards is both decorative and practical. In this kitchen, a tall glass-fronted grocery and crockery cupboard becomes a feature thanks to its interior lighting. An eat-in kitchen also requires ambient lighting above the table.