The Breedekloof Valley gem BOSJES farm has once again been recognised for its beauty and splendour, this time scoring the prestigious ILASA President’s gong.

The Institute for Landscape Architecture in South Africa (ILASA) gives out awards of excellence to promote the role of landscape architecture in South Africa. It is the manpower behind the scenes – Square One Studio Landscape Architects – that do exceptional work across the BOSJES farm.

Picture: BOSJES / Facebook

BOSJES’s massive gardens which stretch across three interconnected slops are also taken care of by Steyn Studio & Meyer & Associates and Square One Studio Landscape Architects to maintain a naturally built environment.

Picture: BOSJES / Facebook

This is the place to go and enjoy outstanding architecture surrounded by forested plays, spacious lawns, and a conservation garden planted with endangered Renosterveld and woodland landscapes.

Picture: BOSJES / Facebook

Make a day of it and bring with kids, family and friends and explore nature at the farm.

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