Not everyone has the budget to travel this season. If you haven’t made any plans to go on holiday yet, there’s no need for you to feel like you’re missing out. Why not have a stay-cation? Beautiful memories are often best created when you’re at home, spending quality time with loved ones

If you’ve decided to have a stay-cation, here’s how to make the most of it:

Catch up on your favourite series and movies

stay-cation better than any vacation

Binge watching your favourite series is definitely one of the best ways to relax. Make a list of all the movies or series you’ve ever wanted to watch and tick them off your list as you go along. If you’ve managed to catch up on every episode of Game of Thrones (or whatever’s hot right now), why not ask a friend for recommendations?

Did someone say…karaoke?

You don’t need to have a singing voice to be a champ at karaoke. With the right song list, a mic and a screen with lyrics, you can have hours of fun with loved ones at home. Make it interesting by competing against each other and having prizes up for grabs.

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Have a video game contest

stay-cation better than any vacation

If you’re better with your hands than your “do-re-mi’s,” then a video game contest is surely something to consider. Whether you’re playing PlayStation console games or a great online computer game, they’re always loads of fun. Winner gets breakfast in bed for a week!

Explore your city

During the festive season many people travel to different parts of the country to visit friends and family. Take advantage of the fact that not as many people are around and explore places in your city that you haven’t seen before. Visit museums rich with the country’s history or attend free local events and markets, there really is something for everyone.

Plant a tree

Trees-ideal-for-containers_Spekboom / stay-cation better than any vacation

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Get those green fingers working and plant a tree. They’ll add beautiful scenery to your garden and much-needed shade on those hot days. You could also start your own vegetable garden. Buy a soil test kit to determine whether soil is acidic or alkaline. Based on this discovery you’ll be able to cultivate it accordingly.

Renovate your home

You can use the downtime to start and finish a home project, from painting walls to updating the kitchen, there are loads of easy DIY tips and ideas. Change the shower heads and taps in the bathroom for an instant update. Replace curtains with blinds for a fresh new look in the living room, add new artwork to your bedroom or give your bedroom a make-over. The list is endless.

Taking care of your possession is just as important as looking after your home, and a home insurance policy guarantees peace of mind. When anything goes wrong, it’s as easy as making a claim and voila!