Crackers are part of the fun at Christmas. Here are two simple ways to make your own

Watch this video to see how to make your very own Christmas crackers at home:

Step-by-step instructions:

Using a kit:

1. With the pattern on the outside, lay the cut-out down and place the cracker snap in the middle. Use a small piece of sticky tape to hold it in place.
2. Roll the cracker into a tube and connect the two sides with the three tabs. Secure with sticky tape.
3. Give the folded parts a small squeeze to create a crease where the ribbon will be tied.
4. Tie the ribbon or string around one end of the cracker and pull tight. Tie a bow.
5. Before doing the same on the other end, drop the gift into the cracker.
6. Then tie the second ribbon.

Using household items

1. Place the toilet paper roll at the edge of the chosen paper. Stick the cracker snap to the inside of the roll using a small piece of sticky tape. Secure the one side of the paper to the toilet paper roll with a piece of tape.
2. Wrap the paper around the toilet paper roll. When you’re near the end, fold over the end of the paper by about a centimetre to create a neat edge.
3. Secure the end of the paper to the toilet paper roll with sticky tape.
4. Follow steps four to six from the kit instructions to complete.

Tips for success

– Don’t tie the ribbons too tightly, as this will damage the cracker.
– The snaps need to be well secured to the inside of the cracker so that they don’t fall out.
– Avoid using things like chocolates as gifts, as they tend to melt in the heat.
– Add decorations like bells, name tags or even sprigs of greenery to make the crackers extra festive.
– Need to wrap something small? A cracker makes a fun gift box.
– Create an Advent calendar for the kids with 24 numbered crackers.
– Get the kids involved by having them decorate the craft board crackers with paint or crayons. Add fun ribbons in coordinating colours.
– Store-bought crackers usually contain cheap gifts that get tossed by Boxing Day. Choose something recipients will actually use such as a pretty key-ring, travel-size beauty products, or even a voucher for coffee at a local café.
– Puff up the ends of the crackers to make them look fuller.

*Cracker snaps can be purchased from party and craft shops.