Not sure how to keep the little ones entertained now that school has closed for the year? We’ve put together some great ideas for crafts to do with your kids this festive season!

Christmas cookies

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Icing Christmas cookies is a super fun activity that allows kids to express their creativity…and then have a snack afterwards! Even putting together the dough and cutting out shapes with cookie cutters (with adult supervision) is something that kids will love.

Painted wrapping paper

By using some regular paper and acrylic paint, you and your kids can create some beautiful and unique wrapping paper to use for wrapping up gifts this festive season. Another great thing about this craft is that its practical and results in a personal, thoughtful touch to your Christmas presents.

Salt dough ornaments

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Salt dough ornaments are eco-friendly and easy to make. To make salt dough, simply mix together 1 cup of salt, 4 cups of flour and 1 and a half cups of warm water (adjusting the ingredient ratios depending on how much dough you need). Once you have formed the dough into your desired shapes, bake it at 150°C for about an hour (or until dry).

DIY Christmas cards

This is an activity that could keep your kids busy for hours, and is another special way to add a personal touch to this year’s gifts. From simple A5 cards to more complex pop-up cards or cards of different shapes, there are so many ways that you and your children can experiment with making homemade Christmas cards.

Paper snowflakes

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Cutting out paper snowflakes and hanging them around the house is another great craft to do with your kids, just make sure that you have child-safe scissors. If you don’t want a summer holiday to include snowflakes, you could make stars instead! And if you have leftover brown paper bags that you don’t know what to do with, recycle them by making these gorgeous paper bag stars.

Homemade Christmas crackers

Making DIY Christmas crackers is an eco-friendly alternative to the shop-bought options, and is another fun craft to do with your kids this festive season. For detailed instructions on how to make your own Christmas crackers, check out this article.


Dried orange slices

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These are a very trendy decor this Christmas, popping up all over social media and in articles about DIY crafts. The best thing about making dried orange slices is its super easy, and it will make your house smell great! After they are dried, string them together into garlands to hang around the house or use them to level-up the look of this year’s presents.

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