There is nothing better than having an outdoor sanctuary on a small balcony in your apartment, on a nice patio, or in a backyard garden right outside your home. Regardless of your available space, the magic lies in curating the perfect amalgamation of furniture, lighting, and accessories, elevating your area into an inviting haven that promises year-round comfort and bliss.

Whether you love a lush green urban jungle or a neatly organised outdoor living space, you’ll enjoy the space better with excellent furniture. And, of course, it needs to be sustainable.

Here’s what to pay attention to if you want to create an outdoor haven with eco-friendly garden furniture:

Define your aesthetic

It’s firstly important to choose your aesthetic! Ensure a harmonious interplay between your home’s interior and exterior design. Your outdoor living area should seamlessly extend the sense of belonging, avoiding any dissonance that might make it feel disconnected from your overall home environment.

Investing wisely in outdoor furniture

Dedicate ample consideration to the careful curation of your outdoor furniture pieces, focusing not only on their aesthetic appeal but also their durability and comfort. Your choice of outdoor tables and chairs should embody a perfect blend of style, substance, and relaxation, enriching your outdoor haven with functional elegance.

Selecting furniture that withstands the elements while offering a comfortable retreat amplifies the overall allure of your outdoor living space. It’s also important to make sure the furniture you choose is made of sustainable materials. The eco-friendly materials you need are resistant to challenges, don’t rot quickly, and are easy to clean.

Teak wood, bamboo, oak, and pine are of the most common types of wood used for garden furniture and are eco-friendly. Aluminum is also a great material for outdoor furniture, it’s a durable metal that’s both strong and super lightweight. Aluminum is a 100% recyclable metal and it can even be recycled infinitely into other products, which makes it very sustainable.

Repurpose existing furniture

Often, the most environmentally conscious choice lies in making the most of what you already possess. It’s remarkable how a simple coat of paint or a fresh fabric for cushions can rejuvenate your existing furniture, breathing new life into familiar pieces.

With a touch of ingenuity, old materials can find new purpose. A stack of bricks can metamorphose into a charming fire pit, while worn-out tires find new relevance as stylish side tables or versatile stools. Even humble wooden pallets can be reinvented into cosy lounge chairs, demonstrating that resourcefulness is key to sustainable living. Harness the power of your imagination in crafting a sustainable and appealing outdoor living space.

Increase the comfort

Enhance your outdoor sanctuary by incorporating elements that ensure a serene and inviting atmosphere. Embrace the art of upcycling by crafting cushions from reclaimed materials, not only lending a cosy touch but also contributing to the preservation of resources. Illuminate your space with energy-efficient decorative lighting, accentuating its charm while minimising your ecological footprint.

For a distinctive touch, lay down rugs made from sustainable materials, infusing your outdoor oasis with character while embracing eco-conscious choices.

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