These stylish place cards double as napkin rings


Napkin rings

These two-in-one printables will not only show your guests to their allocated seats, but also double as napkin rings that’ll add a decorative touch to any table setting.

They’re so easy to make! Here’s how:

  1. Download and print the free printable PDFs below.
  2. Stick the two print outs back to back (optional).
  3. Cut out the napkin ring place cards and write your guests’ names on each one.
  4. Fold linen napkins in thirds lengthways and drape them across each guest’s plate; place a knife and fork on top of each one. Position the napkin ring place card on top and fold and tuck the side strips under the napkins.

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Napkin ring place cards (pale green)
(Makes 5 place cards per print out)

Created by the Garden and Home design team